How Much Does a Website Cost?

So How Much Does A Website Cost? That Depends!

Let's face it, at this point you more than likely don't really care about what our services are. The reality of the situation, unless you've done this before and are savvy about things, is that you want to know how much working with us will cost you. Almost every single person will ask, "How much does a website cost?" And that's a natural and valid question, right? Everyone wants to know what the cost is for a particular product they might want to buy. Even more to the point, EVERYONE wants to pay THE LEAST AMOUNT POSSIBLE for any product they want to buy. Also a very natural and valid desire, and a point we will discuss in a moment.

The problem with asking a question like, "How much does a website cost?" is that it's like asking, "How much does a car cost?" Well that depends on what kind of car you want! Do you want to buy a Mercedes™? A Lexus™? A Toyota™? A Hyundai™? Do you want just the base model? Or would you like to have upgraded options? Is long term cost and maintenance going to be a concern in your buying decision? Do you need to have room to haul stuff around? Is style, quality, and comfort important? Or do you just want a car that gets you from point A to point B?

As you can see, the point we're trying to make is it's not as simple as just asking "How much does a website cost?" There are many variables and factors that will go into determining what YOUR website is going to cost. And that is because not all websites are the same, just like not all cars are the same.

In the end, you are the person that will influence the outcome of what your website will cost. And that cost will be determined through the wants, needs, and functionality that you are looking for in your website. However in our general experience (to help you get a good idea of what estimated costs might be) you will find there are about four basic price range quotes for websites when you do your shopping around.

Typical Website Development Price Points

Websites under this price point are the ones you really need to be careful with. The likelihood that a proprietary third-party website builder will be used is very high. Unfortunately this means you can't take your website with you if you want to do business with a different company at some point. There is also a very high likelihood that you'll be working with an unskilled designer/developer, or even worse, working with an offshore company half way around the world. This unfortunately translates into a very cookie-cutter looking website that screams "I don't take my business very serioulsy" to your customers. These websites come with very little, if any, custom design and no real strategic input. These are your "I just want to get from point A to point B" websites, and much of the time do-it-yourselfers take this route to save money. We don't recommend these type of websites for obvious reasons. The most important being that you WANT your website to look great and you WANT your business to succeed and grow.

At at the bottom of this price point you can expect a modern website that has minimal graphical complexity, no customized icons, and no social media integration. What you do get at this price is rock-solid, hand-crafted, HTML5/CSS3 coded website with simple (but effective) graphic design. In other words, a very basic website that has about 3 to 5 pages. In most cases, bells and whistles like unique page designs and extra graphics push the price up into the $1,500-$2,000 range. From there, the price is largely dictated by page-specific HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript production, custom graphic design, and social media integration (i.e. - Twitter, Google+, Facebook pages created by you or someone else.) It is totally reasonable that a finely crafted website with about 5 pages could run as much as $2500 dollars, especially if some basic on-page search engine optimization is included in the design. But rest assured that you would have a totally awesome website, and you would receive many compliments for having such a great online presence.

This is really the sweet spot for most small to medium businesses, and here you can expect between 5 to 10 pages for your website (keep in mind that more pages is not necessarily better or a good thing.) At this price range you should get all of the above along with extensive, comprehensive, and thoughtful research and input on the design of the website. The design and functionality of your website will highly target your desired demographic audience, and truly support your business goals and brand. Critical social media integration of professionally designed and customized Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages can be expected as part of the package at about the $3,500 to $4,000 area of this price range. Extensively researched on-page search engine optimization (which is very critical to the success of your business) can be expected at upper end of this price range.

Generally this price range includes everything above and is dictated by larger corporate-class websites (10 to 15+ pages), and/or having a small online store with e-commerce functionality, both of which require a larger time investment from both a design and development perspective. A larger e-commerce website can push this price point up dramatically.

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